[American Tobacco Company Manual].
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[American Tobacco Company Manual].

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(n. p.): [American Tobacco Company], (n. d.). Circa 1916, based on the date the book was loaned. 17 cm. iv, 200 pp. Dark brown flexible leather binding, a.e.g. Edgewor, with slight loss to corner of front wrapper and spine head. Ink signatures and date to page stating terms of loan. Very Good.

A scarce guide for division managers and retail salesmen of American Tobacco Company products, providing detailed advice about every aspect of the business they are likely to encounter.

Division managers are given suggestions about hiring, firing, and overseeing salesmen, as well as being apprised of the resources available to them through the national office, such as being able to reach out to the Advertising Department "to help you prepare window material, inside tacking newspaper advertising, etc., to reach every nationality" in a community.

Perhaps more striking is the company's comprehensive approach to getting its products into the hands of working men and students, with an entire section devoted to instructions and anecdotes about how salesmen can sell everywhere from construction sites and military camps to docks, church fairs, colleges, livery stables and garages, "immigrant homes and boarding houses," fire houses, police stations, newspaper plants, office buildings, pool rooms, post offices (with separate instructions for those in small towns and larger towns), railroads, steamships, street car barns, band concerts, etc. Substantial additional space is given over to suggestions about how to demonstrate the several different products on offer. Nevertheless, salesmen are cautioned not to give demonstrations to minors: "it is not the purpose or the desire of The American Tobacco Company to teach boys to smoke."

Published for internal use only, with strict wording on the page stating the terms of the loan that the recipient "gives his word of honor that he will not show any of it, or reveal any of its contents, to anyone who is not in the employ of The American Tobacco Company".

OCLC locates only one other holding, at Virginia Tech.

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