Small Archive of Material from the Esquire Theatre, in Toledo Ohio.
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Small Archive of Material from the Esquire Theatre, in Toledo Ohio.

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Toledo, Ohio: [Esquire Theatre], 1963-1971. Nine unique documents + duplicates, with four 8" x 10" b&w photos and 22 3" x 5" color snapshots. Minor wear and occasional fold lines to documents. Very Good.

A small archive fom burlesque queen of Toledo Rose La Rose's Esquire Theatre, which featured live burlesque shows and adult film screenings in the heart of downtown Toledo. La Rose (aka Rosina DePella) first owned The Town Hall, another burlesque theatre in Toledo that was forced to close by city officials; she then opened the Esquire, but by then burlesque was falling out of favor and the theatre struggled. She died of cancer in 1972, at the age of 53. (

The archive includes a flyer for New York performance artist Pat Oleszko, known here by her stage name "Pat the Hippy Strippy," with stage directions in her hand on the verso, signed by her; pencil instructions for a photo shoot for Pat; a letter from La Rose on behalf of one of her performers; form documents and stationery with the theatre's letterhead; and a TLs from a casting agency. Also included are a photo of a long line outside the Town Hall, several photos of Rose La Rose, and snapshots of various performances at the theatre.

In total, a small but compelling collection of material on Toledo's burlesque scene, and the woman who ran it.

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