Photograph of Women at an Anti-Vietnam War Rally
[Women / Vietnam War].

Photograph of Women at an Anti-Vietnam War Rally

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[Berkeley?]: Circa 1969. 8" x 10". B/w photograph showing women beside a cable car holding anti-draft and antiwar posters. The verso bears in red ink a holograph note to "Please return to Mrs. Betty [last name illegible]" at a Berkeley address, and one of the posters appears to say Berkeley, so we are hazarding that it was the location of the protest. Small crease to one corner; image slightly blurred. Very Good.

Image from one of the many antiwar protests in the Bay Area during the Vietnam War, showing smiling women protestors of all ages and a couple of children. Given the postures of the women, the presence of the cable car, and the lack of other people in the background, it seems likely that this photograph was taken either as people were dismounting from the car to head over to the rally proper, or perhaps were returning from one still carrying their signs.

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