Flexible Bicycle Pipe. Patent No 6685.
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Flexible Bicycle Pipe. Patent No 6685.

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France: Imp. P. Charrier a St. Claude, Circa 1900. 13 x 20.8 cm (5-1/8" x 8-1/8"). Advertising card with a metal-ringed eyelet for hanging. White cardstock printed in black and brown to recto only. Light soiling, faint foxing to edges. Very Good.

Large promotional card for a flexible bicycle pipe, complete with a fierce warning to competitors: "'Here's Something New at last' / A Pipe with a Flexible Mouthpiece - Safety for Bicyclists - 'Featherweight' / All existing patents are beaten by - This Pipe - ... Imitations will be prosecuted". The pipe appears to have been made in France for an English audience, at least in part, given that the text is in English.

We note articles appearing in the late 1890s regarding innovations meant to make pipe smoking safer for cyclists, including an alternate shape with a clip to attach the pipe to a man's lapel and a screen that could be attached to the bowl to keep tobacco from flying into the eyes while cycling. Although this flexible pipe doesn't address these issues, we speculate that it may have saved more than a few men's chompers during a bumpy ride.

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