Why Haven't We Women Been Told This Thing Before?
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Why Haven't We Women Been Told This Thing Before?

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[Middlefield, Connecticut]: [Dainty-Maid, Inc.], (1938). 5-1/2" x 3-1/2". Unpaginated, but 17 pp including the rear inside cover. White stapled wrappers printed in green and black. Spine rubbed, with light horizontal creasing and a slight bump to the crown. Very Good.

Promotional brochure for Dainty-Maid douching products, including the Dainty-Maid Personal Powder, "Return Flow" Syringe and travel bag, "[t]he only improvement made in douche bags in twenty years."

As is often the case in such brochures of this period, not douching is presented as the cause for all sorts of "feminine" problems, from leathery and/or pimpled skin, to emaciation, hair loss, irritability, nagging, fatigue, etc. It is "one of the great causes of divorce" and, as for the title question, the answer (from a male doctor) is "Because you [women] have shut yourselves in by prudery, by a false show of innocence, and by a childish faith that somehow you would escape, somehow you would be spared, somehow you would be protected."

A breathtaking example of health "education" as a form of women's repression.

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