Album of Research and Travel Slides by Guido Dingerkus, with Microscope Photographs of Shark Skin.
[Sharks / Ichthyology]. Dingerkus, Guido.

Album of Research and Travel Slides by Guido Dingerkus, with Microscope Photographs of Shark Skin.

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(various): (n. d.). Circa early 1980s. 11-1/2" x 11-1/2". Blue standard three-ring binder containing 27 sleeves of color Kodachrome, Ektachrome and transparency slides, 440 in all, plus 100 b/w Polaroid microscope photographs, approx. 5-3/4" x 4-1/4". All slides and photos labeled in ink; slides also bear the stamp or sticker of Dingerkus. Of the slides, 174 appear to be from a research trip or trips and 246 are from a visit to Japan. Occasional minor edge wear, else fine, with clean, sharp images.

Guido Dingerkus (1953 - 2004) was a shark specialist at the American Museum of Natural History, and appears to have been on a research trip or trips for that institution. Locations noted include the Bahamas, the port of Miami, Columbia, Philippines, Monterey, CA, Vancouver Island, Congo River, Amazon River basin, and more. During the trip, as recorded by the slides and, by extension the microscope photographs, Dingerkus and his crew catch and release a number of sharks and are shown taking blood samples; we presume, based on the microscope photography, that they also took skin samples.

Of particular note in the collection are the microscope photographs, which show skin samples of varying degrees of magnification of a number of species of sharks. Unlike many fish, sharks have dermal denticles rather than scales, which look like interlocking teeth when viewed under a microscope. The photographs here demonstrate the range of patterns and types of dermal denticles across shark species, and in and of themselves offer a surreal glimpse at one of nature's most feared and misunderstood creatures.

Additionally, Dingerkus records and labels a variety of other types of marine life that he encounters; the remaining images are from a trip to Japan.

An uncommon collection of shark imagery, not usually seen in commerce.

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