Large Collection of Mid-1980s Bay Area Punk Flyers
[Punk / California].

Large Collection of Mid-1980s Bay Area Punk Flyers

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[various]: Circa 1985. 113 unique flyers (including a few variants) + approx. 80 duplicates, most 11" x 8.5". Photomechanically produced on various colors of paper. Occasional creasing, light edgewear, etc; pencil or ink notations to versos of a few. Also included is an inscribed photo of the Sea Hags by Ron Yocum, a press photo of Agent Orange, and a blue velvet Sea Hags patch embroidered in silver. Very Good or better overall.

A sizeable and fairly representative collection of flyers from primarily the mid-1980s punk scene in San Francisco and Berkeley. Artists include: The Dils, Butthole Surfers, Camper Van Beethoven, Sea Hags (lots of Sea Hags), MDC, Mr. T Experience, Bad Religion, Agent Orange, The Adolescents, SVT, Mutants, Avengers, Screaming Sirens, the Nuns, Specimen, Touch Me Hooker, Frightwig, Faith No More, the Dadas, and many more. A significant number are for shows played at San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens and The Farm.

Provenance: all from one Bay Area collector, who likely attended many if not all of the shows himself.

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