AIDS. Che cos'è veramente. Come si cura.
[AIDS / Alternative Medicine]. Principi, Massimo.

AIDS. Che cos'è veramente. Come si cura.

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Roma: Stampa Alternativa, (n. d.). Undated, but 1987 based on textual evidence and OCLC. 17 x 12 cm (6-5/8" x 4-3/4"). 85, [11] pp. White wrappers printed in black, with pink, mint and olive accents. Text in Italian. Light bump to upper corner, faint foxing to wrappers and some leaves.

An early book on alternative treatments for AIDS that argues that the disease is part of a broader cultural malaise caused by society's increasing remove from nature, that ignorance and fear of the disease are disastrous both in society and the individual patient, and that natural remedies may help cure those infected. Treatments include acupuncture, Vitamin C, chiropracty, herbs, homeopathy, "Protocolo Jaffee" (Dr. Russell Jaffe's protocol, which involved daily doses of massive amounts of Vitamin C), psychotherapy, dietetics, visualization, and "contatti corporei" (physical contact?).

"While AIDS is defined as 'the plague of 2000', 'the great fear', 'incurable disease', 'scourge of the century', 'crime' one cannot think that people will maintain a calm and balanced attitude ... ignorance generates disorientation and terror, knowledge generates tranquility. Therefore we think it is time to inform better and in a more complete way, beginning to give less tragic news, less confusing, less banal, though always worrying and scientifically valid. Without giving too much hope, we would like to talk about the possibilities for treating AIDS that alternative medicines can provide. We would like to start by talking posititvely about this disease, because we believe that this is fundamental ... to create a positive attitude in the patient with AIDS, which can trigger the healing mechanism. ... AIDS is doing serious and irreversible damage even without actually harming people. It is setting in motion dangerous mechanisms of discrimination, speculation and repression that have no logical justification except in the fact that they are in favor of political and economic power, of the pharmaceutical industries that produce drugs and vaccines, of the prophets of death, and of catastrophism" (our translation).

Scarce. We find only one copy in OCLC, at the Sistema Bibliotecario Ticinese.

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