Family Photo Album of Cellist Emmeran Stoeber.
[Music]. Stoeber, Emmeran (1882 - 1945) - Subject.

Family Photo Album of Cellist Emmeran Stoeber.

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Circa 1920 - 1960. 34 leaves containing 290 b/w photos of varying sizes, plus approx. 65 original drawings and small paintings in watercolors, pencil, colored pencil, and/or ink. Ownership label to inside cover; first leaf repaired to blank verso with archival tape; few photographs faded/not well developed. Very Good.

The family photograph album of cellist Emmeran Stoeber and his wife, Rosina, with sketches and paintings presumably by Emmeran. The Stoeber's emigrated from Germany to Chicago in 1913, where Emmeran performed with the Chicago Symphony. In 1916, he became one of the founding members of the Berkshire String Quartet, funded by Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge and led by violinist Hugo Kortschak; the group became a key component of Coolidge's Berkshire Chamber Music Festivals. Stoeber later taught at Yale University with Kortschak, who became Dean of Music.

The photos are largely portraits, some showing Emmeran or Rosina posed with their instruments (Rosina played piano, although she doesn't appear to have done so professionally), many more simply snapshots; towards the end of the album, possibly after the death of Emmeran in 1945, these become more travel- and landscape-oriented. Many of the drawings are playful sketches included at the ends of letters and detached from the letters themselves; several are holiday cards, and several more are nature images.

Overall, a nice collection of material portraying the home life of a German emigre musician.

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