Program. Represa Athletic Association. July 4th, 1928.
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Program. Represa Athletic Association. July 4th, 1928.

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Represa, California: State Prison at Folsom, 1928. 15 x 9 cm. Folded eight-panel brochure. Pale blue paper printed in red and blue. Light wear, crease to upper corner throughout. Very Good.

Program for the inmate athletic events held at Folsom Prison on July 1 (a Sunday) and July 4 to celebrate Independence Day, with the "minor" events held on the first day. The Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, Montgomery Ward & Co. and the Whittier State School are all credited with helping the event take place, by supplying prizes and food or, in the case of the Salvation Army, leading a religious service before the start of the games. Each inmate also received a package of "candy, crackerjack, peanuts and cookies" and "[l]emonade will flow as bountifully as Methuselah's whiskers."

Although several of the events are traditional track-and-field style races, jumps, shotput and weight throws, etc., the majority are non-traditional competitions requiring limited athletic prowess, e.g., a sack race, kangaroo race, three legged race, fat men's race, obstacle race, pie-eating contest, "root, hog or die," tug-of-war, cake walk contest, handball tournament, and something called "Are You Ready Casey?" Also included are a series of boxing matches, ranging from welterweight to catchweight fights, with listed competitors: Sockem Hall vs. Mixer Moore, Midget Ware vs. Slipper Sanchez, Push-em-over Joe vs. One-punch Atencio, Ku Klux Lathan vs. Ghost McDonald, and Sweet Potato vs. Sailor Red, to name a few. Vaudeville-type performances probably rounded out the events, as "The Katzenjammer Kids and the Captain ... ably sided by a laughter producing assorment of klowns" are also mentioned in the list of events.

Independence Day events like this had been held at the prison since 1893. It is unclear when they stopped.

OCLC locates the 26 pp. souvenir booklet for this year at the California State Library, but not this program.

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