Three Day Trip to Albany. D. of A. Convention. Sept. 3 - 5, 1947 [Interior title] [with] Typed MS "Report of Trip to State Session Albany"
[Nativism / Women].

Three Day Trip to Albany. D. of A. Convention. Sept. 3 - 5, 1947 [Interior title] [with] Typed MS "Report of Trip to State Session Albany"

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[Southampton, NY]: [Daughters of America], 1947. 7" x 10-1/8". Two black commercial photo albums (one a disbound, incomplete duplicate) with black construction paper leaves. The complete album includes 22 black-and-white photosgraphs in corner mounts on 4 leaves plus the inside cover; the second album has five duplicate photos; an additional 10 photos (some duplicates) are laid in. Also included are two drafts of a typed "Report of Trip to Senate Session Albany", one 5-1/2 pp, the other 4 pp; the latter is affixed to the incomplete album, but appears to be the neater, final copy, and is signed by the secretary, Florence M. Schwarting. Photos in mounts captioned. Light general wear; one leaf detached in the complete album. Very Good.

A small archive of material documenting the road trip to Albany of a group of Southampton, New York, Daughters of America members for the organization's 50th state session. The Daughters of America is a American Nativist secret society, founded in the 19th century as an auxillary of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics; it is unclear if it is still in existence.

In addition to the rather cheery photo album, which shows the women on the road, fixing a tire, and posing happily at the cabin they stayed at for the duration of the session, the typed MS provides a daily account of their trip and of the session itself. Of particular note is a half-sheet stapled to one copy: "Must tell you though that Two Bills are being presented in Congress ... allowing 1 million refugees or displaced persons access to the U.S. Sister Berenice Kehn read the Bills and gave us the 18 names to write to in Congress ... Sister Kehn and the S. C. particularly stressed the importance of writing these letters as so many of our own vets are homelss [sic] and jobless, yet these refugees will be found homes and employment. One lady got on the floor and told how she lost her home to a refugee and was living in a terrible place. S. C. told of a sister in her council who was married 32 years and had been living with her husband 31 but this last year they were separated due to the housing situation and only saw each other 1 night a week - Sunday night - (how the crowd laughed and did she blush...".

Scare-mongering at its finest, in this case also supported by the local paper, a clipping of which announcing their trip is pasted to the inside cover.

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